Nico Fleming: Les petites tours (Steelcase)

On site view of Les petites tours (Steelcase). Photo credit: Darren Rigo

Les petites tours (Steelcase), supported by Steelcase Art Projects, is the first sculpture of the sculpture garden series at Industrial Arts.

Kejie Lin: The Mind’s Garden

In collaboration with Confucius Institute at Newcastle University, a solo exhibition by Kejie Lin, Canada-based Chinese artist & landscape designer. Curated by Yuluo Anita Wei.

Markham Artisan Market

This inaugural art fair delivered a successful event with hundreds of attendees and approximately 20 unique booths, including ceramics, candlemaking, drawing, paper cutting and more.

One through the Other

Arranged as a series of nested diptychs, One through the Other is a commissioned site-specific video, photo, and sculpture installation in the fashion and lifestyle showroom San Sheng Art Space.


Brought to you by Emerging Young Artists from Toronto and Sparkground from London, is our exciting transnational art exhibition project: Tele-Tales, in which we share the awareness of the current urban living experience and situation, where humanity is at heart.