Tele Tales Opening View

Brought to you by Emerging Young Artists from Toronto and Sparkground from London, is our exciting transnational art exhibition project: Tele-Tales, in which we share the awareness of the current urban living experience and situation, where humanity is at heart.

In etymology, the prefix “tele-” comes from Ancient Greek têle, meaning at a distance, far off, and far away. Twelve artists, of which six from London and six from Toronto, have been paired up as six groups to communicate and collaborate, create and re-create, through the lens of distance and temporality. In the open reception, we witnessed the encounter of different paths of life, personal memories intertwined. We danced and played under the cities reflections, to discover history casted onto discarded objects by their previous owners, and engaged with artists’ unspoken languages.

Tele-Tales – London & Toronto art exhibition

Curatorial Statement

Tele-Tales Art exhibition opening view


Works by: Pui Pui Ip & Meghan Ross, Julia White & Kristen Donoghue-Stanford, Ethan Caflisch & Olivia Brouwer, Elyas Alavi & Emily DiCarlo, James Crawford & Keiko Hart

Curatorial Team: Bo Fan, Clara Weng, Lana Yuan, Sylvia Zhang, Yuluo Wei

Dec 15—Dec 20, 2019
Robert Kananaj Gallery

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